Scott Galloway: Growth Is the New Profitability

April 13, 2017

Loser: Profitability. Seeing Amazon's success, other companies now prioritize vision and growth over profits.

Loser: Ad-supported TV as tech giants buy the streaming rights to live sports.

Winner: Reviews, which have fundamentally changed the way we shop. One in four shoppers check Amazon reviews even when they're inside physical stores.

With all the tragic news coming out of Syria, these are some things anyone can do to help.

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Scott Galloway’s Influencer Debut

April 6, 2017

Loser: All of us. We spend more time using social media than eating or socializing - and millennials aren't the biggest addicts.

Winner: Quartz, the rare digital news site to achieve profitability.

Winner: Art dealers discovering a new audience on Instagram.

Loser: Movie theaters. As Netflix disrupts the film industry, they're still stuck in the '80s.

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Scott Galloway: Switch to Nintendo

March 30, 2017

Winner: Cadillac, which just launched a major innovation. For $1500/month you can lease any Caddy you want, then switch to a new one when you realize how lame you look.

Loser: Apparel brands that Amazon is ripping off. Many of the e-tailer's new private label designs look strangely...familiar.

Loser: Uber drivers, who don't benefit from the company's success.

Winner: Nintendo, which sold 1.5 million Switch consoles in a week. Another metric for the brand's success: how many gamers stopped watching porn to use the Switch.

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Scott Galloway: Nike’s Billion-Dollar Bargain

March 23, 2017

Loser: ESPN, as subscribers flock to streaming platforms and ad revenue declines.

Winner or Loser? Nike, for its $1 billion deal with Cristiano Ronaldo.

Winner: Salespeople. With influencers losing trust, brands are now recruiting "expert" salespeople to rep their products.

Winner: Students turning to GoFundMe to cover the cost of their college educations.

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Alexa, Who Is Scott Galloway?

March 16, 2017

Winners: Nike and Adidas, whose sneaker apps indicate that they've mastered the art of creating scarcity in a digital age.

Winners: Pizza brands, which are - believe it or not - at the forefront of digital innovation.

Loser: Google, whose convenient Featured Snippets tool provides some disquieting answers.

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Scott Galloway: The Tipping Point is 20%

March 9, 2017

Once a sector hits 20% e-commerce penetration, the winners and losers start to emerge. We've seen it with books and toys, and apparel may be next.

Loser: Firms relying on Amazon Web Services. The recent outage disrupted service for hundreds of thousands of sites.

Loser: Online travel agents, whose crowded layout paves the way for Google's Hotel Finder to change the game.

Loser: Connected toys. Amid growing evidence that "smart" playthings can be hacked, Scott demos his kids' newest toy.

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Scott Galloway: Attack of the Drones

March 2, 2017

Winner: Facebook. As investors focus on Snap's IPO, Facebook dominates across the board, from revenue growth to ad spend.

Winner: Burrito lovers. Chipotle has slashed wait times for digital orders as it strives to lure back diners.

Loser: Snapchat. WhatsApp has become the latest member of the Facebook family to borrow its key features.

Winner: Drone makers. With every company getting into the drone game, from UPS to 7/11, we tested one out for ourselves.

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What Benjamin Button and Winning Brands Have In Common

February 23, 2017

Winner: Firms whose products become more valuable with use - a trait shared by most of today's top-performing companies. In contrast, old-economy successes including Ford and Caterpillar produce items that decline in value.

Winner: Facebook Messenger. With a third of Americans on the platform, brands that haven't yet launched chat bots may be missing a major opportunity.

Loser: Twitter. Despite the engagement boost from Trump's controversial missives, the platform barely gained any monthly users in Q4 - prompting Twitter to start counting daily users instead.

Plus: does (Netflix) cheating count when the other person is asleep?

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Scott Galloway: This Is the Top of the Market

February 16, 2017

Loser: Snap. Despite the hype around their upcoming IPO, we still think the company is a loser.

Winner: Amazon, which actually makes more on ad sales than Snap and is also growing its fulfillment business.

Winner: Tinder. With nearly 2 million paying subscribers, the app has convinced millennials not only that they need to use an app to find love, but also that they have to pay for it.

Loser: Virtual reality. Just three years after buying Oculus, Facebook is closing many of its pop-up stores due to poor performance.

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The Next Industry Up For Disruption: Banking

February 10, 2017

Winner: YouTube, which still holds its own against younger digital video platforms, from engagement to live video.

Loser: Banks. As tech giants disrupt every industry, banking could be next.
Winner: P&G, for laying down the law on digital. As CPG shifts to e-commerce, the world's largest advertiser wants more accurate metrics. 
Plus: How fake news helped Scott find his soulmate.
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