Scott Galloway: Asshole ≠ Innovative

July 20, 2017

This has been an awful year for Uber, which was the most valuable startup in the world. We'll see...

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Episode 133

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Scott Galloway: Amazon Will Be Broken Up

July 13, 2017

They're catching up to Netflix with original content, producing more innovative hardware than Apple, and about to lead the biggest consumer sector in the world. Prediction: this company will hit a $1 trillion market cap by 2020.

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Episode 132

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Your Favorite Brand? Whatever Google or Amazon Says

June 29, 2017

Winner: Food videos. BuzzFeed's Tasty is one of Facebook's most popular pages, and Chinese toddler Xiaoman scored major ad deals by eating on camera.

Loser: Brands as the percentage of consumers who can name a favorite brand declines.

Plus, Scott's advice on how to find a mate.

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Episode 131

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Winner: Brands You’ve Never Heard Of

June 22, 2017

Winner: Niche brands, which are grabbing share from established CPG enterprises.

Winner: Zola, a startup that disrupted the wedding registry industry by getting digital right.

Loser: Remote workers. IBM will no longer let staff telecommute, following in the footsteps of Bank of America and Aetna.

Plus, how Scott really spends his workday.

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Episode 130

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Scott Galloway: In Marketing, Creepy Means Relevant

June 15, 2017

Loser: Facebook, which keeps messing up ad metrics and is refunding advertisers. In contrast, Google can now tell when you watch an ad and then go to a store to buy the product.

Winner: Best Buy, an oasis in the retail sector's desert of bad news. The brand grew its US online sales 23% as in-store sales declined.

Winner: Airbnb, which gets more traffic than any hotel brand or metasearch site. Prediction: Airbnb will be worth more than Uber by the end of this year.

Winner: Ayahuasca, the hallucinogen gaining mainstream appeal. Scott tries it out.

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Episode 129

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Scott Galloway: Why Technology Is Irresistible

June 8, 2017

Loser: All of us addicted to the numerous screens in our lives. Guest star Adam Alter, NYU marketing professor and author of Irresistible, discusses what makes our devices so hard to put down.

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Episode 128

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Scott Galloway: This Technology Kills Brands

June 1, 2017

Winner: Voice technology, which is accelerating the decline of brand.

Loser (again): Brands as Amazon and Walmart compete to lower prices.

Loser: TV networks, which are getting desperate as views keep declining.

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Episode 127

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Scott Galloway: The Retailer Growing Faster Than Amazon

May 25, 2017

Winner: Ferrari, whose margins are on par with Apple and Hermes. But the real winner may be Apple, the only tech company to become a luxury brand.

Winner: Ulta, the beauty retailer growing faster than Amazon thanks to its omnichannel strategy.

Winner or loser? Microsoft, which still powers 90% of desktop computers, although installs have been slower than anticipated.

Plus, Scott strikes a pose.

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Episode 126

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Scott Galloway: Tesla’s Biggest Innovation

May 18, 2017

Winner or loser? Tesla, which is trading at almost six times revenue. The brand's biggest innovation is not its electric engine, but its proximity to the consumer.

Winner: Brands mining data about users' digital behavior to create physical products. Based on data gleaned from their apps, Airbnb just launched a print magazine and transit app Citymapper is launching its own bus service.

Winner: Apple, the first company in the US to cross an $800 billion market capitalization. Here's what Apple should do with all that cash.

Loser: Every apparel brand blaming Amazon for its woes. Fast fashion is just as responsible for retail's decline.

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Episode 125

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Scott Galloway: The Next Facebook

May 11, 2017

Loser: Facebook, which is rapidly being eclipsed by Instagram.

Winner or loser?, the failed content farm trying to reinvent itself as a collection of niche sites called Dotdash.

Loser: Millennials missing the boat on investing. As many as 80% are not investing in the stock market.

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Episode 124

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