Alexa, Who Is Scott Galloway?

March 16, 2017

Winners: Nike and Adidas, whose sneaker apps indicate that they've mastered the art of creating scarcity in a digital age.

Winners: Pizza brands, which are - believe it or not - at the forefront of digital innovation.

Loser: Google, whose convenient Featured Snippets tool provides some disquieting answers.

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Episode 116

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Scott Galloway: The Tipping Point is 20%

March 9, 2017

Once a sector hits 20% e-commerce penetration, the winners and losers start to emerge. We've seen it with books and toys, and apparel may be next.

Loser: Firms relying on Amazon Web Services. The recent outage disrupted service for hundreds of thousands of sites.

Loser: Online travel agents, whose crowded layout paves the way for Google's Hotel Finder to change the game.

Loser: Connected toys. Amid growing evidence that "smart" playthings can be hacked, Scott demos his kids' newest toy.

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Episode 115

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Scott Galloway: Attack of the Drones

March 2, 2017

Winner: Facebook. As investors focus on Snap's IPO, Facebook dominates across the board, from revenue growth to ad spend.

Winner: Burrito lovers. Chipotle has slashed wait times for digital orders as it strives to lure back diners.

Loser: Snapchat. WhatsApp has become the latest member of the Facebook family to borrow its key features.

Winner: Drone makers. With every company getting into the drone game, from UPS to 7/11, we tested one out for ourselves.

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Episode 114

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What Benjamin Button and Winning Brands Have In Common

February 23, 2017

Winner: Firms whose products become more valuable with use - a trait shared by most of today's top-performing companies. In contrast, old-economy successes including Ford and Caterpillar produce items that decline in value.

Winner: Facebook Messenger. With a third of Americans on the platform, brands that haven't yet launched chat bots may be missing a major opportunity.

Loser: Twitter. Despite the engagement boost from Trump's controversial missives, the platform barely gained any monthly users in Q4 - prompting Twitter to start counting daily users instead.

Plus: does (Netflix) cheating count when the other person is asleep?

Episode 113

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Scott Galloway: This Is the Top of the Market

February 16, 2017

Loser: Snap. Despite the hype around their upcoming IPO, we still think the company is a loser.

Winner: Amazon, which actually makes more on ad sales than Snap and is also growing its fulfillment business.

Winner: Tinder. With nearly 2 million paying subscribers, the app has convinced millennials not only that they need to use an app to find love, but also that they have to pay for it.

Loser: Virtual reality. Just three years after buying Oculus, Facebook is closing many of its pop-up stores due to poor performance.

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The Next Industry Up For Disruption: Banking

February 10, 2017

Winner: YouTube, which still holds its own against younger digital video platforms, from engagement to live video.

Loser: Banks. As tech giants disrupt every industry, banking could be next.
Winner: P&G, for laying down the law on digital. As CPG shifts to e-commerce, the world's largest advertiser wants more accurate metrics. 
Plus: How fake news helped Scott find his soulmate.
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Scott Galloway: How Real Newspapers Legitimized Fake News

February 2, 2017

Loser: The New York Times and other print media outlets unwittingly adding credibility to fake news. By granting Facebook and Google access to their stories, they're debasing their brand.

Winner: Alibaba, the Chinese tech giant that could be bigger than Amazon. While most revenue currently comes from e-commerce, Alibaba's CEO - like Jeff Bezos - has more ambitious plans.

Winner: Netflix, whose stock just hit a record high on impressive subscriber growth. Our prediction that Netflix is poised for success has never looked more accurate.

Episode 110

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Scott Galloway: Amazon’s Lost Advantage

January 26, 2017

Loser: Amazon. The e-tailer's 1-click patent expires this year, eliminating one of its competitive advantages.

Winner: Music. With consumption on the rise, Spotify may actually turn a profit in 2017.

Loser: People. Amazon employs enough robots in its warehouses to fill Madison Square Garden twice, and the number is only growing.

Plus: Scott's most Instagrammed places in 2016.

Episode 109

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Scott Galloway: Have We Hit Peak Instagram?

January 19, 2017

Scott Galloway presents the week's biggest winners and losers in digital:

Winner: Voice-based search. With the proliferation of Amazon Echo and Google Home devices, consumers have become comfortable speaking to their technology.

Loser: Microsoft - the number-one recruiting destination for other tech companies.

Winner: Instagram, which dominates other social platforms in terms of engagement. However, recent algorithmic changes have brought down Instagram's organic reach.

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Scott Galloway: Are Facebook’s Salad Days Over?

January 12, 2017

Loser: Digital media. While digital is surpassing TV in ad spend, it's also a winner-take-all business dominated by two companies.

Loser: Facebook, which keeps messing up ad metrics. When the mistakes are constantly in your favor, they're not mistakes - they're lies.

Winner: Disney. By promoting content across platforms, the media giant registered record-breaking revenue growth.

Winner: Marijuana. As states rapidly legalize weed, spend is soaring, rivaling the spread of cable TV or broadband Internet.

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