Alexa, Do You Dream?

December 8, 2017

Trust is eroding as a symbol of brand equity. Who's winning in today's market? Brands that play to a sense of New.

Episode 152

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Innovation That Matters | Charity: Water

November 30, 2017

Instead of conventional fundraising techniques, Charity:Water used digital strategies from VR to Instagram—and raised a quarter-billion dollars. Founder Scott Harrison chats with Scott Galloway about his unpredictable journey from selling bottle service to donating clean water.

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Episode 151

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Google Is Digital Truth Serum

November 16, 2017

What do Google searches and Facebook posts reveal about the human psyche? Everybody Lies author Seth Stephens-Davidowitz delves into the internet's hidden truths in this special edition of Winners and Losers.

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Amazon’s Next Acquisition

November 9, 2017

Loser: Carl's Jr., who tweeted desperately asking Amazon to buy it. Here's what the Bezos behemoth should buy instead. Loser: Brands who aren't appealing to millennials, the largest generation in the US with more than $1 trillion in spending power. Loser: Mattress stores as online disruptors take over. Loser: Society. Big tech has more power than ever, but is it making the world a better place?

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Prof Galloway Grills Big Tech

November 2, 2017

If Scott was at yesterday's Intelligence Committee hearing, here's what he would have asked. 

Episode 148

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Stranger Scotts

October 26, 2017

Winner: Nvidia. The company has released the first chip powerful enough to be used in the production of autonomous cars, sending its stock shooting up and proving that boring is sexy. Loser: Sheryl Sandberg, who is fast becoming the information age's Sean Spicer by lying on behalf of her boss. Winner: Halloween, on which Americans will spend $9 billion.

Episode 147

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The Amazon Singularity

October 19, 2017

Winner: Uber -- or more specifically, Uber's board, for taking the power back. Loser: Supermarkets (and everyone else) declining at the hands and rumors of Amazon. Winner: Tobacco brands. They're finally being forced to run honest ads, but not on the digital channels where young people would actually see them. Plus the saddest day on Twitter, according to University of Vermont researchers.

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The Chinese Form of Innovation

October 12, 2017

Scott discusses China's digital and economic momentum with NYU professor Clay Shirky, author of Little Rice: Smartphones, Xiaomi, and the Chinese Dream.

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The Most Overlooked Tech Giant

October 5, 2017

Winner: Ikea, for buying online gig marketplace TaskRabbit. This makes a lot of sense. Loser: Societies engaging in the gross idolatry of youth. While today's rash of young CEOs are more creative than older peers, they also lack historical context. Winner: Microsoft - the tech company everyone forgot about. Its stock hit an all-time high in September, boosted by savvy cloud computing and LinkedIn investments.

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Big Tech’s Perfect Storm

September 28, 2017

Society treats Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google as a universal good. But how do we pay our soldiers, firefighters, and teachers if a firm can ascend to $468 billion in value -- fifth in the world -- without paying any meaningful corporate taxes?

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