Scott Galloway: How Real Newspapers Legitimized Fake News

February 2, 2017

Loser: The New York Times and other print media outlets unwittingly adding credibility to fake news. By granting Facebook and Google access to their stories, they're debasing their brand.

Winner: Alibaba, the Chinese tech giant that could be bigger than Amazon. While most revenue currently comes from e-commerce, Alibaba's CEO - like Jeff Bezos - has more ambitious plans.

Winner: Netflix, whose stock just hit a record high on impressive subscriber growth. Our prediction that Netflix is poised for success has never looked more accurate.

Episode 110

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Scott Galloway: Amazon’s Lost Advantage

January 26, 2017

Loser: Amazon. The e-tailer's 1-click patent expires this year, eliminating one of its competitive advantages.

Winner: Music. With consumption on the rise, Spotify may actually turn a profit in 2017.

Loser: People. Amazon employs enough robots in its warehouses to fill Madison Square Garden twice, and the number is only growing.

Plus: Scott's most Instagrammed places in 2016.

Episode 109

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Scott Galloway: Have We Hit Peak Instagram?

January 19, 2017

Scott Galloway presents the week's biggest winners and losers in digital:

Winner: Voice-based search. With the proliferation of Amazon Echo and Google Home devices, consumers have become comfortable speaking to their technology.

Loser: Microsoft - the number-one recruiting destination for other tech companies.

Winner: Instagram, which dominates other social platforms in terms of engagement. However, recent algorithmic changes have brought down Instagram's organic reach.

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Scott Galloway: Are Facebook’s Salad Days Over?

January 12, 2017

Loser: Digital media. While digital is surpassing TV in ad spend, it's also a winner-take-all business dominated by two companies.

Loser: Facebook, which keeps messing up ad metrics. When the mistakes are constantly in your favor, they're not mistakes - they're lies.

Winner: Disney. By promoting content across platforms, the media giant registered record-breaking revenue growth.

Winner: Marijuana. As states rapidly legalize weed, spend is soaring, rivaling the spread of cable TV or broadband Internet.

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Scott Galloway: What to Expect in 2017

January 5, 2017

Loser: Subscription-based businesses. With 59% of Americans "not interested," the model seems to have run its course.

Loser: Checking out. Amazon's move to open stores puts pressure on brick-and-mortar retailers to rethink the checkout experience.

Winner: Amazon, which will step up private-label production in 2017 as consumers shift away from brands.

Winners: Google and Facebook. If you're in digital media and don't work for these companies, you're in a declining industry.

Plus the new pecking order for 2017 and Scott's New Year's resolutions.

Episode 106

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Scott Galloway: Accountability is a Bitch

December 22, 2016

We were right on: Wearables and 3D printing - calling them out as headfakes months before their respective stocks plunged.

We were right on: The startup was purchased by Walmart as an acquihire, just as we forecast on Winners & Losers last October.

Too early to tell: Slack could still be the executioner of email, as we predicted - or it could disrupt workplace communication entirely.

We were right on: Messaging. Brands are flocking to messaging platforms, particularly Facebook Messenger, just as we predicted in March.

Episode 105

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Scott Galloway: Amazon Drops the Green Flag

December 16, 2016

Scott Galloway presents the week's biggest winners and losers in digital:

Winner: Amazon shareholders. The e-tailer's new grocery stores confirm our predictions that the company would open brick-and-mortar locations in its ambitious bid to dominate retail.

Winner: Stripe, the world's second-largest digital payments company. Half of Americans have used it to make a purchase in the past year, although most probably don't know it exists.

Loser: Newspapers. Social media ad spend will surpass newspaper spend by 2020 - but we're already seeing evidence of ad fatigue.

Winner: HBO, which set new viewing records with the season finale of Westworld. Here's a preview of our spinoff, Scottworld.

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Episode 104

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Scott Galloway: What Airbnb Isn’t Telling Us

December 8, 2016

Scott Galloway presents the week's biggest winners and losers in digital:

Loser: Hotels, as Airbnb takes an increasing share of their guests - despite the company's claims that its service is "complementary" to the hospitality industry.

Winner: Best Buy, which bested Amazon in search visibility for Black Friday.

Loser: Brands that depend too much on celebrities. When Kendall Jenner took a break from Instagram, Estée Lauder lost a huge chunk of engagement.

Loser: Second-tier pro athletes, whose low wages are yet another illustration of what the winner-take-all economy has become.

Episode 103

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Scott Galloway on Facebook’s Roadkill

December 1, 2016

Scott Galloway presents the week's biggest winners and losers in digital:

Loser: Nike. Google searches for "Nike jobs" pale in comparison to Amazon, Facebook, and Google, illustrating how recruitment in the workplace has shifted towards digitally native companies.

Loser: Snapchat, which Facebook is essentially cloning with a new camera-first interface.

Loser: Pollsters. Amazon's bestsellers list captures American feelings about the presidential election better than any surveys.

Episode 102

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Scott Galloway: Wall Street is Wrong About Google and Amazon

November 17, 2016

Scott Galloway presents the week's biggest winners and losers in digital:

Loser: Wall Street analysts, who missed the point on both Google's revenue-per-click news and Amazon's earnings call.

Winner: Workers in the gig economy. A UK ruling considers Uber drivers employees, rather than contractors.

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